Why a Neck Lift is Included With a Facelift

April 8, 2018Face and Neck Lift in San Francisco

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Facelifts almost always include a neck lift, but not always the eyes and brow. Everyone is unique, and a customized approach is necessary for a successful surgery.

A Neck Lift Needs Elevation of the Lower Face

The neck is usually the first area to show aging and what patients complain about the most. In many cases, patients will state that they want a neck lift or just a facelift and not the combination. However, sagging occurs in a vertical direction. The face and neck age together and a neck lift should include elevation of the lower face.

SMAS is an acronym for subcutaneous musculo-aponeurotic system; it is a layer of tissue under the skin. SMAS muscle for Neck LiftThe SMAS interlinks the muscles of the face, mid-face, and neck. It extends in front and below the ear and continues with the platysma muscle in the neck. The jowls need to be lifted, and the neck skin needs to go back and behind the ears, to get a vertical lift. When the SMAS is lifted and tightened it gives a more natural and long-lasting result.

Sun and Gravity Contribute to the Aging Neck

The face and neck are exposed to the sun equally along with gravity. Doing both together gives a more natural look. A facelift, when combined with a neck lift, reduce signs of aging better than any other treatment or procedure.

Computer Imaging is a Great Tool

Dr. Miguel Delgado offers his patient’s computer imaging so that they can see what results they might expect. As mentioned, each patient is individual and needs to be assessed accordingly. You will be able to see if a brow lift may be of benefit as well as upper and/or lower eyelids. If a patient should choose to do only one part of the face, it will not be in harmony and may look odd. Computer imaging is a great tool to help patients see results before surgery.

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