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Many transgender women begin their transformative process with hormone therapy, which can lead to a small increase in bust size. For many transitioning women this increase is not sufficient, so they seek to undergo chest surgery to create a larger and shapelier bust. Also called MTF Top Surgery, this procedure involves enhancing the shape of the chest through the surgical placement of saline or silicone breast implants.

How is MTF chest surgery different from breast augmentation

While the procedure involves techniques used in breast augmentation surgery, there are unique aspects of male-to-female top surgery that must be taken into consideration. When Dr. Miguel Delgado performs chest surgery on a transitioning woman, one of his top priorities is to ensure that the implant used fits naturally and comfortable. This means that the implant must be both proportional to the patient’s physique and that enough skin is present to cover it. In most cases, Dr. Delgado is able to perform MTF chest surgery through a single procedure. In some instances, however, the patient may need to undergo a two-stage process in which the skin on the chest area is stretched before the implant is inserted.

When choosing a surgeon for MTF top surgery, it is important to pick a plastic surgeon like Dr. Delgado who is highly skilled in performing breast augmentation and has experience working with trans women. This combination of skills and experience will allow for the best result.

Mtf Top Surgery Incision Techniques And Scarring

The majority of Dr. Delgado’s patients are thrilled with the enhanced size and shape of their breasts following top surgery. In most cases, scarring following breast enlargement is minimal. The extent of scarring depends largely upon the incisions created to insert the implants. Dr. Delgado chooses from one of the following incision patterns when performing chest surgery:

An important goal during chest surgery is to create incisions that will not be readily apparent. Dr. Delgado chooses the best location for the incision with this goal in mind, while taking into consideration the patient’s unique anatomy and desired breast size. While scars will be noticeable during the first few months after surgery, they tend to fade and flatten in time. Within 2 years of surgery, Dr. Delgado’s patients will see their scars have significantly faded.

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If you are ready to take the next step in your transformative journey by enhancing the size and shape of your bust, we encourage you to contact our Novato or San Francisco office today. Dr. Delgado will discuss the surgery with you in detail and help you determine if this is the right step for you.

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