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DelgadoMD+Premier Prescriptives for Superior Skin Care

If you look online, in department stores and drugstores you will find hundreds of choices of facial creams and lotions.  Each product varies for skin types and has its own formula, so how does someone determine what is best for their skin? Unless you are a professional in skin care, you probably can’t.

Beauty and anti-aging treatments have been around for thousands of years. History shows various treatments from around the world. The ancient Egyptians were obsessed with cosmetics, body care and anti-aging, and none more so than Cleopatra.  She was famous for her beautiful skin, and she spent hours treating it with her milk and honey baths, all sorts of cleansers, beauty creams, oils, gels and balms.

Most people today do not have the luxury of spending hours for their skin care, but the pursuit for beautiful skin DelgadoMDPremierPrescriptivescontinues as the sales of beauty treatments reflects.

Dr. Miguel Delgado has always stressed the importance of good skin care and protection from the sun for his facelift patients, Ultherapy patients and all who consult with him for more youthful skin.

To have the best skin care products available for his patients, Dr. Delgado, now has his own label of superior anti-aging products, DelgadoMD+Premier Prescriptives.

Patients are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Miguel A. Delgado, M.D.’s highly trained aesthetician, Ariel Kirk, R.N. who will design a skin care regimen specifically tailored to their skin type.

DelgadoMD+Premier Prescriptives include:

•    REVITALIZE BioPeptide Serum
A rejuvenating serum that repairs aging skin

•    SKINBRIGHT Corrective Serum
Combats uneven skin tones

•    BIOCELLULAR Eye Cream
Combats aging and hydrates delicate eye area

To see all products with a more extensive description, click here.

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