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Faster Healing With VitaMedica Vitamins

San Francisco breast reduction patients ask Dr. Delgado what they can do to promote faster healing after their reduction mammoplasty surgery. Dr. Delgado tells his patients that from years of observation he has discovered that the patients that take high quality vitamins heal faster and with fewer complications.

On a mission to find the best product for his patients, Dr. Delgado found that VitaMedica has a Surgery Program that meets his demands. Previously, patients have found it difficult to find a multi-vitamin that does not contain vitamin E, vitamin E needs to be avoided due to the fact it is a blood thinner, which can be dangerous during surgery. VitaMedica does not only omit vitamin E, it has additional vitamin C which aids in healing.

In addition to having superior vitamins, VitaMedica Surgery Program has Arnica Montana and Bromelain with Quercetin, that reduces inflammation and bruising.

Dr. Delgado is so convinced that the VitaMedica Surgery Program accelerates the healing process that he now includes the Program for all of his breast reduction surgery patients.

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