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How to Find a Specialist in Breast Reduction

There are several guidelines Marin County patients can follow in order to find a surgeon that specializes in breast reduction surgery or for that matter any cosmetic plastic surgery specialty.

First and foremost check to be sure that the breast reduction surgeon is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and check with the state’s medical board to see if there are any complaints filed against the doctor.

Next check the certification of where the doctor does surgery. Is it a major hospital or a private surgery center? If it is a private surgery center see if it is fully accredited and ask for a tour, look for cleanliness and organization.

Be sure to see before and after pictures of the surgeon’s patients and ask if you can speak to a patient and ask about her reduction mammoplasty surgery experience.

Lastly, be sure you are comfortable and have good communication with the surgeon and the staff or do you sense there is tension in the office?

American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) President, Malcolm Roth, MD in a recent article in Plastic Surgery News says beware of “white coat deception”. In the article he states that most states do not have laws that restrict who can advertise that they are a “Board Certified Plastic Surgeon”. He further states, “Until this year, only four states had meaningful Truth in Medical Advertising laws. These common-sense statutes that protect patients by requiring greater transparency for the public good existed only in California, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.”

ASPS members are seeing increasing numbers of patients that have fallen prey to uncredentialed
doctors.  Do your homework!

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