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How to Minimize Breast Reduction Scars

Many Marin County women are concerned about the scars created by breast reduction surgery. This is probably the most common concern of women who are contemplating a reduction mammoplasty. I don’t think I know of any woman who has regretted having the surgery as the benefits far outweigh any negative aspect.

The good news is that there is scar management available that is recommended to all patients. With time, most incisions heal with the resulting scar nearly invisible; however, this can take up to a year. Patients who actively participate in their scar care seem to have the best results. Each patient is instructed as to the best method for their healing.

In general, I recommend the use of silicone sheeting once the incisions have healed and there isn’t any broken skin or wounds, usually after about 10 days. Silicone sheeting is cut to cover

the incision and then taped into place.  The sheeting can be removed before showering, and should be cleaned daily using mild, non-oil based soap such as Ivory or Neutrogena. Each strip may be reused until it shows excessive wear or reduced adhesion. It will probably need to be replaced every 10 to 14 days.  It is recommended that the sheeting be used for 2 to 3 months.

It is very important to avoid sun exposure on the incisions for several months; sun can cause the pigment of the skin to darken and the scar may thicken.

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