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Acne inflames the skin and tissue beneath the surface. When the skin finally starts its natural healing process collagen is produced in order to heal the skin and smooth out any irregularities. Depending on the amount of collagen produced, raised or depressed acne scars can appear on the skin. Unlike scars from a cut or scratch, acne scars are difficult to fade because they generally develop much deeper in the skin. If you suffer from acne scars, Miguel Delgado, MD offers a variety of treatments for removing or reducing even the toughest scars—even surgical scars. Dr. Delgado developed an effective protocol for acne laser treatment.

Common Treatments for Acne & Surgical Scars

The Palomar Icon 1540 Fractional Laser

In addition to the above two lasers, a new and innovative method of scar removal is the Palomar Icon laser. The Palomar offers various benefits which are not found in traditional lasers. Our medical professionals use the Palomar device for acne laser treatments in Novato, Marin County. This new technology has the ability to utilize different applicators and attachments from a single device. Therefore, a wide range of skin conditions can be treated though the Palomar Icon laser. For acne scar removal, this laser can be highly effective.

For removing acne and surgical scars, Dr. Delgado also recommends the 1540 Fractional Laser hand-piece. The 1540 laser has an edge over other types of lasers because it releases a much stronger light energy which penetrates the skin further below the surface. As a result, the skin starts healing from within and new collagen and elastin are produced. Moreover, it also requires less downtime, brings faster results, and involves less risk to the patient.

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