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Having smooth and hairless skin is desired by many patients, especially women. That is why millions of people spend hundreds of dollars every year on hair removal products and services to achieve that silky smooth skin. Nowadays, even among men, hair removal has increased in popularity because not only the beards are being shaved, but chest and leg hairs are also being removed.

Most people look to over the counter solutions to hair removal such as shaving with razors or at-home wax kits.

Shaving: This is probably the oldest and most common method of hair removal. People have been shaving for thousands of years as a cheap and quick solution to unwanted hair. The only downside to shaving is that the hair grows back quickly as stubbles and for some it may even be thicker and stronger when it regrows. Many people also suffer from ingrown hairs after shaving, which can often be worse that hairy skin itself.

Waxing: Waxing is another widely used technique and it is more commonly used by females than males. Results are longer lasting compared to shaving. It takes at least two weeks before hair begins to grow back. Patients should be aware that wax can sometimes be too hot and it may even burn the skin. Additionally, if you use certain topical creams due to a skin condition you have on the area you are waxing, then the wax would not only remove the hair but rather it may remove the skin, too. In such cases, waxing should be avoided or only used after speaking to a doctor.

Laser: Laser hair removal is the best hair removal treatment for permanently* reduced hair growth. Dr. Miguel Delgado favors the use of the Palomar Icon Laser at his practice. The Palomar Icon can be used to remove all types of hair. It comes with different hand pieces that can be attached depending on which area of the body is being treated.

Dr. Delgado is has great experience using the Palomar Icon Laser for hair removal. Schedule your consultation online, or call us at (415) 898-4161.

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