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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the SkinMedica® Peels?

We offer all three of SkinMedica®’s superficial peels which range in strength to address many levels of skin imperfections and damage.

Who can benefit from the SkinMedica®’s Peels?

Any patient looking to improve mild to severe skin imperfections and brighten and smooth their complexion with minimal downtime. Each peel can be applied to ALL skin types, including African-American and Asian skin types.

What sets SkinMedica®’s peels apart from other peels?

Each peel is:

What are the differences between the three SkinMedica® Peel strengths?

Illuminize Peel


Vitalize Peel


Rejuvenize Peel


What can I expect at my consult appointment and peel appointment for the SkinMedica® Peel(s)?

You can set up a no charge consultation with our Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Ariel Kirk, prior to scheduling the peel or the consult can be scheduled into your treatment time. During your consultation, Ariel will review your skin history and discuss what your concerns and goals are. Depending on which peel strength is appropriate for your skin, Ariel will customize a peel plan specific to your skin care needs.

The day of your peel, Ariel will review the consent with you. She will make sure all of your questions are answered prior to peel application.

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