Breast Procedures

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the US, and is used to increase the size, and change the shape, of a woman’s breasts.
Unlike breast augmentation, a breast lift generally doesn’t affect the size of the breasts, but rather seeks to correct sagging and displaced nipples. In many cases, however, augmentation can be added.
In most cases where previous augmentation has occurred, maintenance is necessary, and an implant revision will need to be visited. It’s generally associated with problems that arise over time.
Breast reduction surgery is a common cosmetic surgery where breast tissue is lowered to create smaller breasts, as per the patient’s needs and wants.
This treatment is designed for transgendered men transitioning to female identities by augmenting the chest with implants that serve to create a feminine appearance.
In this procedure, the breast reduction uses liposuction. The trade-off is fewer complications and less pain, but the aesthetics are not as refined.
This popular procedure uses a vertical cut, resulting in a smaller level of scarring, and a greater reliance on muscle structures to keep the breasts in place.
In addition to the removal of breast tissue procedure, silicone implants are used in addition in order to create a perkier and more youthful appearance.
Serving the transgender community, this chest surgery restructures a female body so that it resembles a more masculine shape and structure, removing breast tissue in the process.