Face Procedures

Chin implants are used to correct a weak chin and improve definition along the chin and jawline, thereby improving overall facial harmony.
This non-invasive injectable treatment eliminates a double chin by destroying fat calls beneath the chin. Produces a smooth and natural result and no downtime is required.
Achieve a fresher appearance with an eyebrow and/or forehead lift, which is performed by tightening and removing excess skin across the forehead.
Sagging eyelids can disrupt normal vision and lead to a tired, aged appearance. Eyelid surgery is performed to remove excess skin and fat to refresh the eye region.
An expert in facelift surgery, Dr. Delgado is proficient in all modern facelift techniques. His goal is to rejuvenate the appearance, while enhancing the patient’s natural features.
Lips can be naturally enhanced through the use of different fillers. Improve volume and contour, while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
Rejuvenate the neck with a neck lift, designed to correct sagging skin and neck bands by eliminating excess skin and fat.
Rhinoplasty is performed to correct nasal anomalies and restore facial harmony. Dr. Delgado expertly sculpts a more natural nose, while maintaining or improving nasal function.