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TCA Peel Compliments a Facelift

TCA Peel With Facelift

In addition to this patient’s facelift, notice the improvement of her skin from the TCA peel

TCA or technical term Trichloroacetic acid chemical peel, is a medium peel that provides a more dramatic result than a light chemical peel and doesn’t have an extended recovery like the deep peels. A TCA peel is an effective way to treat acne scars, uneven pigmentation, smoothing fine lines, improving texture and skin tone. The TCA chemical removes the damaged outer layers of the skin caused by sun damage and/or aging.

TCA Peel Healing Time About 2 Weeks

The physician determines the strength of TCA depending on the patient. For some, 15% may be adequate, and for others, it may be as high as 50%. After the solution is left on the face for the appropriate amount of time, it is washed off, and then a soothing ointment is applied. The skin will appear pink for a few days and feel like a sunburn, and then the skin will become crusty, turn brown and feel tight. After about 4 days the outer layer of skin will begin to slough off. It is critical not to pick at the skin and allow it to flake off naturally. The new skin will have a reddish appearance but will usually fade within a week. Total healing time is about 2 weeks.

TCA Peel is the “Icing on the Cake”

Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. may recommend to his facelift patients to consider having a TCA peel at the time of having a facelift. He believes it to be “the icing on the cake!” The peel will address issues that surgery cannot, such as removing fines lines and discoloration of the skin from sun damage and aging. The skin will be refreshed and brightened, a perfect finishing touch to a facelift. Since the patient will be recovering from surgery for about 2 weeks, it is the ideal time to have a TCA peel and not have any additional recovery time.

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