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Treating Lip Lines

Lip lines can be treated

Peri-oral wrinkles are a term to describe the fine lip lines and wrinkles found around the mouth and the upper lip. We lose elasticity and collagen in the lips as we age. For some, it appears that the lips have disappeared entirely making people look sad, tired, or angry.

The lip lines should not be confused with smile lines or laugh lines that extend from the corner of the mouth to the corner of the nose. These lines are referred to as the nasolabial fold.

The main factors that contribute to lip lines are:

The good news is that lip lines can be reduced dramatically!

Lip lines smoothed in San Fancisco

Facelift patient who had lip augmentation with her own skin

The Best Techniques for Fuller Lips

Fuller lips help minimize lip lines. The most popular procedures for the lips are:

After You Have Turned Back the Clock on Your Lips

Protect your lips by:

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