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What is a Platysma Plication?

Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. states patients seeking facial rejuvenation, complain mostly about their neck and sagging jawline. Everyone ages at a different rate; a lot depends on genetics and lifestyle.

Platysma Muscle Separates!

Regarding the neck, the platysma muscle is a thin, broad sheet of muscle. The muscle extends from the pectoral and deltoid muscles over the collarbone upward along the sides of the neck. See the illustration.

platysma muscle for neck lift in San Francisco

As aging takes place this muscle gradually separates. If you grit your teeth and frown, you can see the muscle pop out. After years of chewing, exercising, and laughing, the sides of the muscles become separated. The muscle separates and you can see very prominent vertical bands with a valley in between. The muscle edges are visible through the skin.

For a proper gritting teeth in san francisconeck lift, in addition to removing loose skin, (sometimes referred to as a turkey neck) the surgeon performs what is referred to as a platysma plication. For the platysma plication procedure, the surgeon makes a tiny incision well hidden under the chin. The surgeon then sutures both sides of the platysma muscle together. This creates a single sheet of muscle making it resistant to neck bands forming.

If a patient were to have a face and neck lift without platysma plication, the result might be a fresh younger looking face with an out of balance older looking neck.

Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon!

There are a variety of techniques for a neck lift, but the basic concept among surgeons is similar. The most important thing is for a potential patient to find a well-qualified board certified plastic surgeon that is comfortable with all options and will match the procedure to the patient and the patient’s goals.

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