At What Age Should I Consider Facelift Surgery?

There is not a “right age” for a facelift. However, a facelift procedure isn’t usually done for younger patients who don’t yet have enough signs of age to need it. With the number of non-surgical treatments and procedures available, a surgical facelift procedure can often be delayed until much later. While the decision of the right timing for your facelift is a personal one, this procedure is generally best for patients who are in their 40s through their 60s, as this is when the signs of age appear more prominently, and non-surgical options begin to become somewhat less effective. 


While each person’s aging experience is unique, there are common changes in the face and skin that occur in our 40s, 50s, and 60s, each of which can be greatly resolved with a facelift procedure. 


In our 40s, we begin to notice more signs of skin aging, such as fine lines around the eyes, deeper smile lines, forehead lines, and sometimes a lessening of facial volume. At this age, to address mild or moderate aging concerns, many patients choose to have a mini facelift, which rejuvenates their appearance.


By our 50s, the skin begins to thin, dry, and sag. This makes wrinkles and lines deeper, more abundant, and much more visible. Less estrogen is produced, which reduces the natural moisture and radiance of the skin, causing crepey (dry and wrinkled) skin to appear. Sunken or hollow cheeks may appear, and the jowls may be less firm. Patients in their 50s often choose a traditional facelift to turn back time as much as 5-10 years and enjoy a smoother, more sculpted, and youthful facial contour.


Aging concerns in our 60s are similar to those in our 50s but are often much more pronounced, including heavier wrinkles and creases, more significant loose skin and sagging jowls, and hollow or sunken areas. Some patients have thought that by the time they reached their 60s, they were “too old” for a facelift. However, patients in their 60s can certainly benefit from this procedure. Common facelifts designed to address significant signs of age are the deep plane facelift or the SMAS facelift. These both target the deeper tissues and muscle below the skin to achieve a revitalized, more youthful facial appearance and provide a dramatic rejuvenation.


The importance of achieving exact, excellent results with your facelift procedure cannot be overstated. Dr. Miguel Delgado has 30 years of experience performing facelifts and is known for his aesthetic skills and natural, elegant results. He is a trusted plastic surgeon whose precision and attention to detail make his outcomes all the more outstanding. 

Dr. Delgado takes great pride in satisfying his patients with a refined, contoured, and more youthful appearance after their facelift. We welcome you to learn more about facelift surgery with Dr. Delgado and discuss your options and candidacy. To schedule a personal or virtual consultation, please contact our practice online or by phone today.

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Dr. Miguel Delgado


Dr. Delgado, MD is a world-recognized plastic surgeon and specialist in the treatment of male breast enlargement, also called gynecomastia. He has developed new techniques and owns and operates, which has become the largest gynecomastia forum in the world. Dr. Delgado holds the two most coveted credentials; the certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

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