For this reason it is crucial that men considering facial rejuvenation find a doctor with extensive experience not only in plastic surgery for men. When you come for a consultation regarding facelift surgery, he will examine your facial skin, current placement of facial muscles and tissues, and suggest a customized surgical plan to address your aesthetic concerns using facelift techniques he developed or enhanced.

Natural Looking Male Facelift

Dr. Delgado’s priority, apart from patient safety, is making sure the male facelift ends up looking as natural as possible. His philosophy is “less is more” in order to allow the face to maintain its masculinity while achieving a more youthful appearance at the same time. A complete male facelift consist of several components such as a brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, face and neck lift. It is often performed on men about 50+ years old. While some men in their 30s look to improve their skin with perhaps an eye lift, a full facelift is typically performed in men past middle age.

Another key component to the male facelift is respecting the hairline. Dr. Delgado notes that this aspect of the surgery is fundamental in ensuring the patient maintain a masculine look. There should be no change in the hairline of the patient. Therefore, the incision is done in front of the ear. This incision placement is different than that of a female facelift because the male hairline is different. This is to guarantee that this delicate area of the hairline does not become distorted during the surgery. Although the incision recovery takes slightly longer, it is worth it because it results in a natural aesthetic post surgery.

Before & After

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The male facelift requires a specific technique and artistry. When choosing a surgeon to perform a male facelift it is imperative that the surgeon can show you before and after surgery photos of not just female patients, but of male patients as well. This is also important because the patient needs to ensure that the surgeon is experienced in the unique techniques required for a male facelift. Dr. Delgado has books in his offices in SF and Marin with facelift photos of men—some of them are also available online. Furthermore, using his well-trained surgical skills, Dr. Delgado is extremely careful to prevent facelifts from feminizing the patient’s face. A good facelift should make you look more handsome, younger, and maintain your masculinity.

Dr Delgado Discusses "The Art of the Modern and Natural Male Facelift"

Dr. Miguel Delgado, a double board certified plastic surgeon and Marin facelift specialist, discusses the art of male facelift surgery using before and after photographs and computer imaging.

Dr. Delgado discusses “The Art of the Modern and Natural Male Facelift

The Male Facelift Consultation

An initial consultation with Dr. Delgado can be scheduled at either his San Francisco office or his Novato office. Dr. Delgado will first discuss the patient’s personal goals and the surgical plan that will be used to achieve them. During this process Dr. Delgado and his team use computer imagine tools. Dr. Delgado has been using this type of technology for over 25 years and believes it can be very useful for operative planning. Generating a composite of what the facelift results will approximately look like also gives the patient an opportunity to visualize the outcome of the surgery beforehand.

Once a surgical plan is discussed, the patient will have pre-operative photographs taken. A pre-operative plan will also be discussed, along with the anesthesia process during the surgery. A complete facelift can take about 8 to 10 hours. This might bring up concerns about being under general anesthesia for an extended period of time. However, Dr. Delgado notes that the facelift surgery is less invasive and traumatic for the body as other surgeries since it is primarily skin and facial tissue surgery. Nonetheless, Dr. Delgado is extremely confidant in his medical team, including his highly trained and experienced anesthesiologist.


With any surgery there are risks. No surgeon is perfect as each person reacts to and heals differently. Some people can never be pleased but after seeing the results from three patients in addition to my own, all came out very well.

— John W.

Recovery From Male Facelift Surgery

Male facelift surgery results in some downtime, though Dr. Delgado uses techniques that minimize swelling and quicken recovery time. After being observed overnight, the patient usually can return home under the care of a responsible adult. Post surgery, the patient is required to sleep elevated and use ice compresses to help with any swelling. After about 3 days Dr. Delgado removes the drains and checks the surgery dressings. Generally, patients can return to driving and to work about two and half weeks after surgery. 

While exercise is not recommended for at least six weeks, it is important to understand that the overall recovery is a few months. However, after this period of time the patient is normally completely healed.

Furthermore, another essential aspect of choosing an experienced surgeon has to do with bleeding during surgical aftercare. Men tend to bleed more from facelift surgery because the hair on the face and neck bring more vascularity to the area. This means that the patient’s blood pressure must be carefully monitored post-operation. Excellent drainage and surgery dressing must also be placed on the patient.

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What Results Can Be Expected? 

A male facelift refreshes and rejuvenates the face, neckline, jawline, giving the patient an overall natural, youthful appearance. The removal of fat and the tightening of the musculature of the face cause new contours that improve the angle of the neckline and the face. Skin that has loosened over time, along with the folds around the nose and mouth, will be improved as well, giving the patient a revitalized appearance for years. A male facelift can be combined with other procedures in the future, such as volume replacement, to keep patients looking their best as they continue to age. Dr. Delgado and his entire medical staff are committed to patients’ safety and personal goals. Contact one of Dr. Delgado’s Bay Area offices for an appointment or a virtual consult today.


Do Many Men Opt for a Facelift?

Will a Male Facelift Drastically Change the Way I Look?

Is a Male Facelift the Best Option for me?

Can Other Procedures be Combined with a Male Facelift?

Will I Have Scars After a Male Facelift?

Do Many Men Opt for a Facelift?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more men are getting plastic surgery—and one of the fastest growing procedures is a facelift. Although women still account for most cosmetic surgeries, men are increasingly choosing to address aesthetic concerns such as lax skin and a double chin.

Will a Male Facelift Drastically Change the Way I Look?

While a male facelift can be transformative, the goal of the surgical procedure is not to fundamentally alter the way you look or return your face to its twenty-year old self. A male facelift is designed to rejuvenate the appearance and address droopy skin. Optimal results should be natural-looking and balanced, not windswept.

Is a Male Facelift the Best Option for me?

The overall condition of the skin is an important factor in determining if a cosmetic procedure will be appropriate. Some individuals with early signs of aging may benefit from non-invasive rejuvenation procedures, while those with severely lax skin may want to consider surgery. The best way to know if a male facelift can help you achieve your aesthetic goals is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Delgado.

Can Other Procedures be Combined with a Male Facelift?

Absolutely. It is important to understand that different cosmetic procedures—both non-invasive and surgical—address a range of concerns. Surgery can be a highly effective way to address sagging skin and restore some definition to the face. Fillers, such as JUVÉDERM® and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®, can boost volume and laser resurfacing treatments can even the skin tone.

Will I Have Scars After a Male Facelift?

Dr. Delgado carefully makes the surgical incisions along the hairline, strategically placing them so that any scarring will be concealed as much as possible. Although scars may never disappear completely, they will gradually fade, usually making them inconspicuous.


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