For some patients, the results of their facelift surgery are no longer satisfying. This could be due to a variety of reasons but often includes poor scarring, symmetry issues, and most commonly, a return of the appearance they initially sought to get rid of. Dr. Miguel Delgado is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in revision plastic surgery.

What Is a Revision Facelift?

A revision facelift is when a facelift procedure is performed again. It is designed for those who are unhappy with their previous facelift results. Because a facelift procedure does not stop the aging process, the original work often needs to be revised. This will help fix and new signs of aging and “touch up” the previous surgical results. Other patients may choose to get a revision facelift sooner if they are unhappy with their initial results. This could be due to some scarring or other issues they are not satisfied with.

Who Is a Candidate for Facelift Revision?

An ideal candidate for facelift revision surgery will have previously undergone a facelift procedure and is not satisfied with the results. The previous surgical work should be fully healed before continuing with a revision procedure. Patients should also be in good physical and emotional health. One of the most important factors for potential patients is having a realistic outcome of the surgical procedure. 

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Dr. Miguel Delgado

Your Consultation With Dr. Delgado

The first step in the revision process is a consultation with Dr. Delgado. He sees patients at both his office or his Marin County office in Novato. He will listen as you express your aesthetic concerns and describe your short- and long-term goals regarding your face during this appointment. He will also examine the work that was previously done to develop a surgical plan tailored to your needs. Dr. Delgado’s office also uses computer imaging technology to help show patients their possible results. 

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Revision surgeries pose more difficulties than those performed for the first time. Due to the previous surgical work, there will be scar tissue, and the skin will be thinner from being stretched during the last surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Delgado will design a surgical plan to address your revision goals. The details of such plans will depend on your previous facelift, skin laxity, and what you are trying to achieve. Ultimately during the procedure, he will try and use the same incision site, and remove scar tissue from the area, and give you a more lifted, youthful appearance. 

Is Revision Facelift Recovery More Difficult?

While this may vary from patient to patient, often the recovery is the same as a traditional facelift. You will spend the first few hours after surgery in the recovery room and should be able to go home the same day. Full recovery and a return to normal activities may take a couple of weeks. During this time, Dr. Delgado will ask that you rest and follow his instructions to reduce swelling. 

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Why Choose Dr. Delagdo?

Dr. Miguel Delgado’s 30 years of experience performing facelifts has established him as one of the most well-respected and experienced facelift surgeons in California. With years of performing facelift surgery, he has also become a skilled facelift revision surgeon. 

He is board-certified, which is the gold standard for plastic surgeons in the United States. What continues to set him apart from other surgeons is the customized treatment plan he provides patients. Dr. Delgado works closely with each patient to understand their goals and craft the results they have always wanted.

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