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A firm, toned abdomen is evidence of a youthful and attractive physique. When the stomach skin sags and the six-pack muscles separate and weaken, it can reduce your wardrobe choices and lower your self-confidence. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure to slim and sculpt the midsection, removing redundant skin and restoring an optimal figure. Dr. Delgado’s approach is guided by a personal touch and a sophisticated sense of artistry, principles that lead to a successful, natural-looking outcome.


Procedure Procedure Time Recovery Time Return to Work Cost
Tummy Tuck 2-5 Hours 6-8 Weeks 2-3 Weeks $10,000-$16,000


A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that can rejuvenate the lower body, removing excess drooping skin, trimming unwanted fat, and tightening the abdominal muscles. It is an excellent option for mothers who have lost their figures after pregnancy, for those who are dealing with aging, and for people who may have experienced massive weight loss and have redundant abdominal skin. Abdominoplasty is often combined with liposuction to comprehensively sculpt the physique and expand clothing choices.


Good candidates for a tummy tuck in Marin County, Sonoma County, or Napa Valley are struggling with sagging belly skin due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or aging. They may have found that dieting and exercise haven’t been able to sculpt their figures, and they are now seeking a surgical intervention that will have long-lasting results.

Ideal candidates are: 

  • Mentally and physically healthy
  • Free from significant medical concerns
  • Non-smokers
  • At a healthy weight for their frame
  • Not planning to become pregnant again
  • Willing to follow the doctor’s instructions
  • Committed to following a healthy lifestyle after their surgery

What are the different types of tummy tucks available?


During a standard tummy tuck, Dr. Delgado creates an incision from hip to hip. The scar is well-hidden within the bikini or panty line. Through the incision, the doctor is able to remove redundant, sagging skin and tighten weakened or loose abdominal muscles. In some cases, the procedure can reduce or remove stretch marks on the lower belly. Another incision can be made encircling the belly button to reposition the navel in a more youthful, inviting location. Liposuction can be used in conjunction to sculpt the waistline and eradicate stubborn fat.


A mini tummy tuck achieves many of the same benefits as a standard abdominoplasty only applied to the area beneath the navel. The scar for a mini tuck is shorter, as is the downtime for the procedure.  The belly button remains in place instead of being repositioned.


An extended tummy tuck is a procedure that not only targets the abdomen but also the waist, flanks, and sometimes the upper thighs. The incision wraps around the lower back, allowing the surgeon to comprehensively remove excess skin and fat from the lower torso.

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A tummy tuck is often combined with liposuction to trim away not only redundant skin but fat bulges as well. Abdominoplasty is also a key component in a mommy makeover, which typically includes breast augmentationbreast lift, liposuction, labiaplasty, and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Delgado can create a personalized treatment plan that helps reduce your overall costs and downtime by combining several surgical procedures geared toward your needs.


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After a tummy tuck, the patient will be released to the care of a friend or family member to drive them home and assist them during the first 24 hours of recovery. Dr. Delgado will ensure the patient receives a detailed aftercare plan as well as prescription pain medications to enhance their comfort.

For the first few days after surgery, the pain will be at its maximum, and mobility will be inhibited. It’s a good idea to take short walks, as this will help boost circulation and elevate one’s mood. Bending, lifting, straining, or intense physical activity will be strictly prohibited for several weeks as the body heals. A compression garment may be worn to help reduce swelling and keep the new, improved body contours intact.

Dr. Delgado will advise when it is best to return to work, but this generally takes place within 2 weeks. Patients can expect to resume exercise within 4-6 weeks.

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The cost of a tummy tuck in San Francisco will vary from patient to patient based on the degree of skin laxity and muscle separation, the type of procedure chosen (standard, mini, extended,) and on whether abdominoplasty is paired with any other procedures (mommy makeover, liposuction, upper arm lift, etc.) In general, a tummy tuck may cost around $10,000-$16,000. Bear in mind that pricing will cover different aspects of the treatment, such as the surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, and postoperative garment fees. Dr. Delgado will offer you a customized quote at the time of your private consultation.

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Dr. Miguel Delgado

Why Choose Dr. Delgado?

Dr. Delgado is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. These distinctions imply the highest levels of safety, professionalism, and integrity, not to mention industrious training and proven skill. Dr. Delgado graduated with honors from medical school at the University of California San Francisco before pursuing an elite internship and residency at Johns Hopkins University teaching hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He then completed a prestigious plastic surgery residency at Stony Brook University Medical Center in East Meadow, New York.

Dr. Delgado constantly strives to deliver exquisite, natural-looking results and consistently stays abreast of the latest technological advancements in cosmetic science.  He is passionate about listening to his clients deeply in order to gain familiarity with and understanding of their primary goals. This personalized attention coupled with access to a state-of-the-art surgical setting is the foundation for a long-lasting, successful result every time.

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Tummy Tuck San Francisco FAQS

Are there potential risks and complications?

Is a non-surgical tummy tuck possible?

How long does the procedure take?

Will I be able to have children after abdominoplasty?

What should I look for when choosing a surgeon?

Are there potential risks and complications?

Dr. Delgado’s meticulously conservative and precise technique greatly minimizes the risk of complications. However, as with any surgery, certain risks do exist. These include anesthesia risks, bleeding, infection, poor wound healing, poor cosmetic results, temporary numbness, and scarring.

Is a non-surgical tummy tuck possible?

Unfortunately, only a surgical procedure can effectively remove redundant skin folds and tighten weakened or separated six-pack muscles.

How long does the procedure take?

A tummy tuck takes approximately 2-5 hours. Oftentimes, liposuction is done at the same time, which takes an additional hour or so.

Will I be able to have children after abdominoplasty?

We recommend that the childbearing years be completed before a tummy tuck. The internal tightening of the muscles could adversely affect a future pregnancy.

What should I look for when choosing a surgeon?

It is essential to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is the “gold standard” in the industry. Also, it is essential that the surgeon be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This will give you confidence that the surgeon is qualified.


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San Francisco is one of the most populous cities in the United States. It’s most famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, located only five miles from the practice of Dr. Miguel Delgado and 27 miles from Dr. Delgado’s Novato, Marin County location. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that was once one of the longest and tallest in the world. It was opened in 1937 and remains one of San Francisco’s most recognizable features. Patients traveling from Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, or Napa Valley can enjoy the beautiful view as they cross over San Francisco Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tummy tucks dangerous?

Every surgery comes with inherent risks. The best way to learn more and mitigate them is by selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Can you get pregnant after tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck does not impact your ability to get pregnant - however, if you get pregnant after your tummy tuck, you may need to undergo another procedure to maintain your results.

Can a tummy tuck cause stomach issues?

You may have some pain and discomfort after a tummy tuck that can impact your stomach. Depending on your postoperative medications, you may also experience side effects like constipation.

Can you lose weight after tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck does not impact your ability to lose weight. However, you will need to abstain from exercise for the duration of your recovery. If youre undergoing weight loss, its recommended to reach your goal weight and maintain it before opting for surgery.

Can I walk after tummy tuck?

Its recommended to do some light walking around the house within the first 1-2 days of your tummy tuck to help with blood flow and prevent complications. It may be difficult to stand up straight, so take care.

Do men get tummy tuck?

Men can and do benefit from the tummy tuck as a way to put the finishing touches on weight loss.

Can you get a tummy tuck if youre obese?

To be considered a candidate for tummy tuck, you should be at or near your ideal weight. Obesity can increase the risk of complications and also require additional procedures if you experience weight fluctuations.

Do tummy tucks work?

Tummy tucks are one of the most effective ways to get rid of excess skin and correct stretched muscles in the stomach. With the right techniques and post-surgical management, you can enjoy permanent results.

Do you get a scar from a tummy tuck?

Every surgery produces scarring. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Delgado will place the incisions within the natural contours of your body so they can be easily concealed with clothing if they dont fade completely.

How can I lose my stomach fat?

Tummy tuck is one of the most effective ways to lose stomach fat, especially when paired with options like liposuction. This can produce permanent results.

Do you have to be skinny to get a tummy tuck?

Its recommended that you be at or near your ideal weight before opting for a tummy tuck. If you have more weight to lose, make sure to discuss with your plastic surgeon the right time to consider surgery.

How dangerous is a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck comes with risks like anesthesia complications, infection, bleeding, and more. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will discuss the dangers during your consultation.

Does a tummy tuck tighten muscles?

A tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles with specialized sutures. This can help improve core strength, reduce incontinence symptoms, and achieve a flatter stomach.

How do I prepare for a tummy tuck?

Youll be given detailed instructions by our team to follow ahead of your appointment. These typically include instructions on fasting, ceasing medications, and how to prepare for your recovery.

How are tummy tucks done?

A tummy tuck involves an incision across the pelvic region. The skin and tissues of the abdomen are lifted and the underlying muscles are tightened. Any excess skin or fat is removed and the incisions are closed.

How long after a tummy tuck can you drink?

Its best to wait at least a few weeks before drinking after a tummy tuck. This is because alcohol can be detrimental to your bodys healing process.

How long is pain after tummy tuck?

Pain is typically at its worst for 2-3 days after a tummy tuck. Most pain should subside within 1-2 weeks.

How long do tummy tucks last?

With the right diet and exercise regimen, tummy tucks can last for many years.

How long do you wear a binder after surgery?

You should plan to wear your compression garment as much as possible for the first 6 weeks of your recovery.

How long does it take to lose weight after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck does not impact your ability to lose weight. You should, however, be at or near your ideal weight before opting for a tummy tuck.

How many sizes do you lose with a tummy tuck?

This can be different for each patient, but its possible to lose 2-4 pant sizes with a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck should not be considered a weight loss procedure, however.

How much does it cost for a tummy tuck?

The cost of your tummy tuck will be individualized based on your needs. Youll be given a full cost estimate during your consultation with Dr. Delgado.

What are the side effects of a tummy tuck?

After your tummy tuck, its normal to experience side effects like pain, swelling, bruising, and redness. You may also experience side effects from general anesthesia like grogginess and nausea.

How much weight can you lose having a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is not a weight-loss procedure and does not typically produce much weight loss. Most patients lose only 5 pounds or fewer with a tummy tuck, depending on the amount of skin removed.

What do you eat after tummy tuck?

Make sure to eat a varied and nutrient-dense diet with lots of protein and fiber. This can help you recover faster and prevent constipation from medications.

How painful is a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck can cause discomfort like any other surgery, but youll be given medications to manage pain by Dr. Delgado. Make sure to take these according to instructions so you can focus on resting.

Is it easier to lose weight after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck does not make it easier or harder to lose weight. If you continue to lose weight, youll notice fat loss in other areas, however.

What is the best girdle to wear after a tummy tuck?

Our office can help you find the best surgical garment to wear after your tummy tuck based on your needs.

What qualifies you for a tummy tuck?

Good tummy tuck candidates are those who have excess skin and fat around the abdomen because of weight fluctuations or pregnancy. You should be at or near your ideal weight with stable, healthy habits in place. If you plan to be pregnant again in the future, you should consider postponing your surgery until after.

Why would you need a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck can get rid of stretched, sagging skin and stubborn fat around the stomach. It can also repair and tighten stretched abdominal muscles. The result is a flatter, more toned stomach.

When can I start working out after tummy tuck?

Its best to wait around 7-10 weeks to return to intense exercise after a tummy tuck. You may be able to resume light exercise like walking at 3-4 weeks.

Will a tummy tuck make my stomach flat?

The tummy tuck can tighten and tone the stomach through surgical techniques. Maintaining a healthy and stable weight is important in ensuring your stomach remains flat after a tummy tuck.

When can I wear regular clothes after tummy tuck?

Most patients resume wearing normal clothes like jeans at 3-4 weeks after surgery. Certain clothing can cause irritation to your incisions before this point, so make sure to check with your plastic surgeon.

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