Men seek out rhinoplasty in San Francisco either for cosmetic reasons or functional. Whether it’s one or the other (or both), male rhinoplasty can be a life-changing procedure. Obviously, in regards to breathing or snoring, the surgery can help greatly. As far as aesthetics, rhinoplasty can bring harmony to the face, enhancing your existing good looks.


A consultation with Dr. Miguel Delgado is the first step for any patient considering rhinoplasty in Marin County. During this initial meeting, Dr. Delgado will go over your personal concerns about the appearance of your nose and/or any breathing difficulties. He will use computer imaging to give you realistic before and after images of the proposed outcome. He will also take you through the entire procedure and recovery process so that you fully understand what to expect, and he will provide you with a detailed booklet that provides pre-and post-operative instructions for rhinoplasty. The consultation is the ideal place for you to bring up any questions or concerns.

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  • A crooked nose
  • A nose that is out of proportion to the face (too large or too small)
  • A hump or depression on the nasal bridge (seen on the profile)
  • A nose that is too wide when viewed head-on
  • A nasal tip that droops or is thick and enlarged
  • Nostrils that excessively flare outward
  • A previous injury that has resulted in asymmetry
  • An obstructive airway and problems with breathing/snoring



Most rhinoplasty surgeries are performed with the patient under general anesthesia. Your specific procedure plan will be fully customized by Dr. Delgado to meet your specific cosmetic or functional goals. The most common technique that Dr. Delgado performs for rhinoplasty in Napa Valley is the “open” technique. In the open technique, Dr. Delgado creates an incision at the base of the nose, allowing for better exposure and more accuracy.


This allows him access to the entire nasal anatomy. He will elevate the skin from the cartilage and bone, and will then trim the nasal tip cartilage. The nasal bone will be reduced, enhanced, or narrowed. If needed, the nasal passage will also be addressed. After this, the nasal tip will be further refined with suture techniques and cartilage-sparing procedures. Once complete, the incisions are closed and an external cast is molded into place.

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The first hours after surgery will be spent in the recovery room until you are fully alert. Once you’re awake and alert, you’ll be able to go home. It’s incredibly important that you keep your head and back elevated at 45-60 degrees to reduce swelling. Although there is very little pain during recovery from rhinoplasty, your nose will feel swollen and stuffy.

High intensity exercise and sports should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. Contact lenses can be worn after a few days. If you wear glasses, they can be worn gently for short periods, initially. Your sutures and nasal cast are removed in 5-7 days, and you may return to work or social activities within one week. 80% of the swelling will subside in 4-6 weeks, but the remaining 20% will gradually resolve over the next 5-9 months. You will notice slight changes in swelling from day to day.


Dr. Delgado has helped many men in Santa Rosa, Napa Valley, Novato, and San Francisco achieve their ideal appearance with male rhinoplasty.

  • Men over the age of 18 years old 
  • Men who have difficulty breathing through their nasal passages
  • Men who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose
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Dr. Miguel Delgado


Miguel Delgado, M.D. is a board-certified plastic surgeon in the San Francisco area. As a highly skilled plastic surgeon who has undergone top-quality training and has over 30 years of experience, Dr. Delgado achieves exceptional results that have made his patients very happy. His focus is on outstanding patient care and follow-through, with a personalized approach for each unique patient. Dr. Delgado designs a customized surgical plan for every case and employs a keen artistic sense for cosmetic plastic surgery in Sonoma County and Marin County. Nothing is ever “cookie-cutter”; rather, he draws on a vast number of surgical techniques to achieve the patient’s desired goals.

Rhinoplasty for Men FAQS

How much does male rhinoplasty cost?

Will my nose be broken during surgery?

What risks are involved?

How much does male rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty ranges from $8,000-$10,000, depending on the complexity of the case. This includes the professional services of Dr. Delgado, the anesthesiologist, and the use of Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Will my nose be broken during surgery?

Your nose will be broken if there is a bump or prominence on the top of the nose, as seen on your profile. This is an important factor of the procedure in order to narrow the dorsum of the nose.

What risks are involved?

There is the risk of bleeding, infection, or anesthetic problems. In approximately 15% of rhinoplasty cases, there are minor deformities present, and corrective surgery is usually minor.


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