Gynecomastia can lead men to feel self-conscious of their appearance and have a debilitating effect on their lives. It can lead to men trying to hide their chest and impact their day-to-day comfort and activities. For men who have received gynecomastia surgery and are unsatisfied with the results, the effect can be similarly difficult. 

When to Get Revision Surgery

There are a number of reasons why a patient would want to pursue a revision or second gynecomastia surgery. Some of the most common include the breast tissue now has a depression or deformity, or only liposuction was previously used. The most common reason being the patient still has the look of gynecomastia. Many patients feel that the tissue was not corrected enough during their first surgery, and they still have a female breast appearance. If you are unhappy with the results of your previous surgery, contact Dr. Delgado’s office with your questions or to schedule a consultation.

How Is Revision Surgery Performed?

Any revision surgery is complicated, and gynecomastia is no exception. Scar tissue left from the original surgery makes the procedure much more complex to navigate. For patients who just require a minor “touch-up,” liposuction alone can be used. For those who require a more thorough change, excess skin or scar tissue will also need to be removed. The surgical approach will vary depending on the scar tissues, issues with the last surgery, and your aesthetic goals.

Who Is a Candidate?

Ideal candidates for gynecomastia surgery should be in good overall health. They should have undergone gynecomastia surgery previously and are fully healed from the earlier procedure. It is vital for candidates also to have realistic expectations about the outcome of their procedure.

Dr. Miguel Office background
Dr. Miguel Delgado

Your Consultation With Dr. Delgado

To enable men to consult with him worldwide, Dr. Delgado conducts virtual consultations daily—for both patients near and afar. During your consultation with Dr. Delgado, he will examine the treatment areas and closely review the previous work that was done to correct the gynecomastia. During this time, you will be able to discuss your procedure goals and have the doctor answer any questions you may have. Next, Dr. Delgado will outline a procedure roadmap customized to your specific needs.

Why Choose Dr. Delgado

Dr. Miguel Delgado is a board-certified plastic surgeon and world-renowned gynecomastia expert. He has treated thousands of men and boys experiencing this condition, including many who have traveled for surgery from outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to resolving gynecomastia for first-time patients, a large part of his male breast reduction practice comprises revision surgeries for men who are unhappy with their outcome from other practices. Dr. Delgado is also the medical director of—the largest gynecomastia forum in the world. He dedicates most of his time to helping men and boys who are seeking treatment for this condition.

Gynecomastia Revision FAQ

Are there risks of complications?

Where is the procedure performed?

Are there risks of complications?

With any surgical procedure, there will always be risks. These risks are minimized when working with board-certified surgeons and anesthesiologists such as Dr. Delgado and his team. A safe surgical facility and staff further reduce the risk of complications.

Where is the procedure performed?

Dr. Delgado performs revision gynecomastia surgery at Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center, a private surgery suite located in his Marin County office on the Sutter Marin County Community Hospital campus. This private surgical facility allows him to offer his patients personal, concierge medical care while providing the extra measure of safety and reassurance afforded by the surgery center’s contiguous location to the hospital.

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