Balance Your Rhinoplasty Surgery With a Chin Implant

January 28, 2018Chin implant and rhinoplasty in San Francisco

This 25-year-old woman presented for evaluation of her nose and chin. She underwent a rhinoplasty, and chin augmentation using an anatomic chin implant. The photographs seen here are one year after surgery.

Many people have receding chins where their chin doesn’t project forward enough to be in harmony with other facial structures. This becomes more evident when looking at one’s profile with the use of 2 mirrors. The best guideline for determining how far forward the chin should be is visualizing a vertical line drop from the lower lip to the chin.

Chin Implant Visualized With Computer Imaging

Most people are unaware that they may have a receding chin. A weak chin can be more evident when seeking a rhinoplasty (nose surgery). An excellent tool for visualizing nose surgery is computer imaging. With computer imaging the surgeon is able to show the patient options for reshaping the nose. In addition, the surgeon can show the patient their profile and if they have a receding chin. Through imaging, they can see how a chin implant can balance out the face. For some patients, there is a limit as to how much a protruding nose can be reduced. By increasing chin projection attention can be minimized from an over protruding nose.

Chin Implants Come in Various Shapes and Sizes

Chin augmentation surgery is a quite straightforward procedure. Made from FDA approved medical grade silicone, the implants come in a large variety of sizes and shapes. They can be inserted through an incision inside the mouth or more popular through a horizontal incision hidden in a crease under the chin. Healing is quite fast with sutures usually removed in a week. There is minimal bruising due to the implant being placed under the muscle.

Chin augmentation can be combined with other facial surgeries and generally adds less than an hour to the procedure. Swelling usually resolves in a week to 10 days with the final result appreciated.

After about 6 weeks the body will develop a fibrous capsule around the implant securing it permanently to the chin bone. Any numbness of the lower lip and chin typically will last only a couple of weeks.

If the final result is not what the patient anticipated, the implant can be exchanged for a different size. However, with computer imaging, most patients are happy with their results.

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If you are contemplating nose reshaping surgery, Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. will be happy to show you what results you can expect with computer imaging and you will be able to see if a chin implant will help balance out your face. Call now for a consultation with Dr. Delgado. (415) 898-4161.

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