Breast Reduction, Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

San Francisco, California-There are many things that Americans notoriously deem “the bigger the better” such as; houses, boats, swimming pools, food portions, drinks, and women’s breasts.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), in 2012 there were over 330,000 women that had breast augmentation surgery and over 112,000 women that had breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty surgery. So while many women are going bigger, a third as many are going smaller.

Not Everyone Wants Larger Breasts

Breast enhancement surgery is a wonderful procedure for the woman who feels out of proportion with small breasts. There is no doubt that breast augmentation can raise a woman’s self-confidence, especially for filling out her clothes or a bathing suit. It may come as a surprise to learn that breast reduction can bring the same rewards and even more for many women.

Breast reduction surgery is rated one of the highest in patient satisfaction of all elective surgeries performed for women, as gynecomastia (male breast reduction) is for men.

Reasons Why Bigger is Not Always Better

1.    The immediate relief from back, neck and shoulder painWomen with large breasts that are carrying extra weight on their chests find that if they do not have enough support from surrounding muscles it becomes very difficult to maintain good posture, which can lead to spinal deformity. Many women who are self-conscious about their large breasts tend to roll their shoulders forward in an attempt to hide their breasts, which can make their back pain even worse.

2.    The ability to participate in more physical activities and exercise. Women have reported that working out in a gym or jogging was almost impossible for any length of time. Participating in sports events can be embarrassing with large bouncing breasts. After breast reduction surgery, many found that they were able to get into better physical condition and lose weight.

3.    No longer having long sagging breasts that made a woman appear 20 years older. Reduction mammoplasty gives a woman more youthful perky breasts.

4.    More clothing options. Most post-surgical breast reduction patients love to go shopping for clothes they can now buy off the rack and not just from specialty shops that sell unflattering extra-large tops.

5.    Having eye contact with the opposite sex was a new experience and highly rated among breast reduction patients. No longer did men focus on their chests causing them great embarrassment.

6.    The end of chafing and uncomfortable red rashes caused by breasts rubbing against each other and under the breast fold was a huge relief for many women.

The benefits of breast reduction surgery aren’t as widely known as breast augmentation surgery as many people think having large breasts is a blessing.

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