Direct Neck Lift in San Francisco: A Complete Review.

If you’re in San Francisco and considering a direct neck lift to rejuvenate your neckline, this concise guide cuts straight to what matters. With Dr. Miguel Delgado’s expertise in direct neck lift in San Francisco, you’ll get straightforward insights into the procedure, expected recovery, and achievable results. Without any sugar coating, this article prepares you for an informed decision about your neck lift in the Bay Area.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Miguel Delgado is a recognized top plastic surgeon in San Francisco specializing in direct neck lifts, providing personalized surgical plans and transformative results for patients seeking a more youthful neck contour.
  • The direct neck lift is a surgical procedure tailored to address signs of aging in the neck by removing excess skin and fat, tightening muscles, and employing sophisticated closure techniques like Z-plasty for minimal scarring.
  • Post-operative recovery involves careful management of pain and swelling, with most patients resuming normal activities within two to four weeks, and long-term results offering significant improvements in neck contour and personal confidence.

Exploring the Direct Neck Lift Surgery with Dr. Delgado

 Dr. Delgado performing a direct neck lift surgery

Dr. Delgado performing a direct neck lift surgery

In plastic surgery, Dr. Miguel Delgado has positioned himself as a leading authority on direct neck lift surgeries in San Francisco, cementing his reputation for surgical mastery and garnering significant respect among his peers. His consistent recognition as a Top Plastic Surgeon by San Francisco Magazine for five years, highlighted in Modern Luxury’s profiles of distinguished practitioners, underscores his status.

Patients seeking a more appealing and youthful look and revitalized neckline are naturally drawn to Dr. Delgado’s practice. They place their hopes and aspirations in his capable hands, confident in the remarkable outcomes he consistently achieves with direct neck lift surgery.

Direct Neck Excision Before and After Photo.

Dr. Delgado San Francisco patient with excess neck skin in the central neck

Dr. Delgado San Francisco patient with excess neck skin in the central neck

Incision underneath the chin, tightens underlying platysma muscles with a vertical z shaped incision closure

Incision underneath the chin, tightens underlying platysma muscles with a vertical z shaped incision closure

A surgical procedure known as the direct neck lift, or direct neck excision, serves as a beacon of light for individuals struggling with conditions such as a turkey neck, an unwelcome double chin, or a diminishing jawline definition. This meticulous process involves the elimination of excess skin and excess fat, while simultaneously firming up the underlying muscles. It uses a sophisticated Z-plasty closure technique to ensure that scars remain inconspicuous and healing is optimal. Particularly effective in reducing a dreaded double chin, and fullness of the neck area, this method stands out for those aiming to achieve a more defined and youthfully rejuvenated appearance.

The Advantages of Choosing Dr. Delgado

Dr. Delgado a board certified plastic surgeon of 30 years in San Francisco

Dr. Delgado a board certified plastic surgeon of 30 years in San Francisco

Opting for Dr. Delgado’s expertise in your direct excision neck lift provides these advantages:

  • His three decades of refined surgical expertise in San Francisco
  • An unmatched commitment to achieving patient contentment
  • Esteem as a top-tier plastic surgeon in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area
  • Accolades in respected medical journals and media outlets
  • A pledge to deliver tailored care that extends well past the completion of surgery

The significant number of referrals from gratified clients underscores the confidence and pleasure derived from his services, reinforced by the remarkable outcomes realized with every neck lift procedure he performs.

Tailoring Your Direct Neck Lift Experience

Recognizing that each neck is distinct, Dr. Delgado tailors the direct neck lift to suit every individual’s specific anatomy, skin resilience, and signs of aging in both their neck and lower facial area. Whether hereditary factors have accelerated aging or have progressed naturally over time, Dr. Delgado’s proficiency extends across a broad age spectrum. He provides solutions for patients in their 40s seeking early intervention to seniors desiring enhancement and revitalization—all through the specialized approach of a direct neck lift procedure or other non-invasive techniques like liposuction.

Initial Consultation

Embarking on the path to rejuvenate your neck starts with a crucial first meeting, which is fundamental in Dr. Delgado’s approach centered around his patients. During this time, an exhaustive review of your medical background takes place. Medications currently being taken are closely examined, and there’s an opportunity for you to voice what changes you wish to see aesthetically. By performing a straightforward skin-pulling exam at this stage, Dr. Delgado can provide a preview of possible enhancements. Following these discussions and assessments, he devises a surgical strategy that marries your visions for improvement with the physical realities posed by the condition and age-specific attributes of your neck.

Personalized Surgical Plan

Dr. Delgado highlights your distinctive characteristics, crafting a surgical approach customized just for you. Every aspect is considered—from the degree of excess skin to the distribution of subcutaneous excess fat. Adapted techniques like platysma plication or submental liposuction zero in on specific issues, such as a turkey neck (turkey wattle) or double chin, always with an eye toward the least and minimally invasive treatment option necessary for carving out a sleek and defined neckline.

More profound interventions in direct neck lift recovery procedures may be considered when it comes to more pronounced signs of aging. This involves tackling drooping skin, deep-seated fat, and other intricacies, such as noticeable bands within the platysmal muscle. The aim is to ensure that every direct neck lift procedure distinctively aligns with who you are, addressing each unique challenge presented by your anatomy and personal aesthetic goals.

Dr. Delgado’s Marin County Surgery Center: A Closer Look

Photo of Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Novato, Marin County

Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center located in Novato, Marin County

As you cross the threshold into Dr. Delgado’s surgical facility, you are immersed in an environment where state-of-the-art technology blends seamlessly with a steadfast commitment to patient well-being. AAAASF is not only fully accredited, but also adheres strictly to safety and premier quality. Located within the Sutter Hospital Campus, the Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center prides itself on providing a private medical experience with concierge services that emphasize privacy and security during your cosmetic journey.

The emphasis on patient-centered care is critical for creating the exceptional experience anticipated by those who seek out Dr. Delgado’s expertise in cosmetic surgery involving the neck and beyond.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

At Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center, our state-of-the-art facility is designed to deliver general anesthesia by qualified board-certified anesthesiologists who place the highest priority on your comfort and security. To enhance patient care, we offer light sedation as a soothing alternative that ensures you remain relaxed during your procedure, with a quicker recovery period than what is typically experienced with general anesthesia.

Patient-Centered Care

From the beginning of your medical journey, Dr. Delgado has demonstrated a relentless dedication to care centered around patients. His practice and transparent communication distinguish personalized attention, guaranteeing that your individual needs and worries are prioritized throughout every phase. Dr. Delgado provides you with his phone number for direct contact to underscore his commitment to your post-operative comfort and recovery process.

A nurse who attends explicitly to you will oversee your convalescence suite, highlighting the bespoke nature of care that spans from the moment you leave the operating table until you reach the sanctuary of your residence. Follow-up visits are carefully arranged to track how well you’re physically healing and confirm that every aspect of health and satisfaction regarding what was done surgically is absolutely tended to.

You can anticipate an all-encompassing package, including meticulously provided instructions for aftercare, prompt support addressing any concerns following surgery, and in-depth informational content about everything involving surgical procedures—all aimed at fostering informed consent grounded in knowledge and trustworthiness.

Direct Excision Neck Lift Procedure: Step by Step

Patient with with a small chin and excess neck skin.

San Francisco patient with with a small chin and excess neck skin.

 Patient after a chin implant and direct neck lift procedure.

Patient after a chin implant and direct neck lift procedure.

The direct neck lift, or direct excision neck lift, intertwines meticulous skill with artistic finesse. Each move is executed precisely to produce an aesthetically pleasing outcome. During this process, Dr. Delgado uses a surgical pen to accurately outline the patient’s neck, where incisions will be made for superior results and reduced scar visibility—key factors when considering direct neck lift deals.

A comfortable experience is ensured through local anesthesia and sedation, as preparations unfold for directly removing any excess skin and fat from the area in question. Tightening up the platysma muscles becomes possible, effectively addressing concerns such as unsightly banding around one’s throat region. Meanwhile, using a Z-plasty method, double chin reduction — sometimes known as the zig-zag closure technique — enhances healing prospects by harmonizing scars harmoniously within natural folds of fat tissues around your neckline post-neck lifting procedure.

Anesthesia and Incision Techniques

Ensuring your comfort is a top priority during the direct neck lift, and local anesthesia, sedation, or light general anesthesia is administered to achieve this. This guarantees a pain-free experience, while shortening recovery time compared to more extensive surgical procedures. To alleviate pain and customize the level of anesthesia based on the complexity of your neck surgery, light general anesthesia might be utilized.

For male patients experiencing pronounced neck skin sagging, Dr. Delgado uses the Z-plasty technique as an effective solution. The Z-Plasty incision’s unique ‘Z’ formation helps disperse tension along the scar, promoting better healing and making it less noticeable. These nuances reflect Dr. Delgado’s dedication to delivering aesthetically superior outcomes through his advanced methods for improving neck appearance.

Sculpting and Tightening

The essence of a Z plasty neck lift is the precision in sculpting and tightening, where meticulous excision of excess skin and fat occurs alongside refinement of the underlying muscles, the platysma muscle, to enhance the contour of the neck. The steps involved in this type of direct neck lift procedure typically include:

  1. Excess skin removal, double chin, and neck fullness reduction.
  2. Sculpting the foundational muscle layers beneath.
  3. Affixing with sutures to secure an improved position for the platysma muscle.
  4. Direct neck excision of skin and adjustment, and re-draping of loose skin and muscle as needed.
  5. Proceed with corset platysmaplasty if it’s deemed necessary.

Each phase is customized according to individual aesthetic goals to achieve an idealized silhouette for your neck.

Liposuction can be integrated into this process, which is explicitly targeted at reducing extra fatty tissue overlying the platysma muscle. Every intervention synergistically refines your neckline into an elegant curvature, culminating in a well-defined jawline boundary.

Recovery Journey After a Direct Neck Lift

Patient with a turkey neck, loss of neck angel, severe jowls, excess skin and fat tissues.

Patient with a turkey neck, loss of neck angel, severe jowls, excess skin and fat tissues.

Patient after neck lift surgery combined with a lower facelift.

Patient after neck lift surgery combined with a lower facelift.

Recovering from a direct neck lift procedure requires time and attention to self-care. This recovery timeline often extends over at least two weeks to three weeks, during which patients can anticipate returning to most normal activities, including work responsibilities, after 8-10 days. As the initial signs of surgery, like bruising and swelling, subside, you will notice enhancements in the shape of your neck—foreshadowing the final result.

A week-long social hiatus is recommended following your operation—a brief interval considering the long-lasting rejuvenation it offers for your appearance. Typical symptoms encountered post-surgery, such as mild to moderate pain, bruising, and swelling, are manageable with proper care tactics. This ensures that discomfort remains minimal during healing. Removing stitches after one week is essential in progressing toward complete recovery.

Potential risks associated with bleeding, infections, and fluid accumulation under skin layers might surface along changes in tactile sensation across operated areas besides possible contour irregularities or less-than-ideal scar development—but these issues fall within Dr. Delgado’s realm of professional management, ensuring patient safety throughout their journey back to healthfulness.

Immediate Post-Op Care

Managing pain and swelling is a vital part of your post-surgical care, which significantly aids in the recovery process. You are likely to experience minimal discomfort. Pain and inflammation can be controlled effectively through proper medication for untroubled recuperation.

For optimal healing and to avoid post-operative complications, it’s critical that you:

  1. Utilize cold packs along with compression clothing to alleviate swelling and soothe discomfort. In addition to head and back elevation to reduce swelling.
  2. Follow wound care guidance meticulously, and take all medications as directed. This is vital to your recovery and will help avoid postoperative complications. Refrain from wearing constrictive apparel around the neck, so as not to exert pressure on the location where surgery was performed.

Adhering strictly to these guidelines will ensure a smooth recovery journey and reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

The Impact of a Direct Neck Lift on Appearance and Confidence

Opting for a direct neck lift surgery with Dr. Delgado can significantly enhance not just the shape of your neck, but also positively influence your self-perception and confidence levels. This procedure addresses issues like loose skin under the chin, the double chin, and visible muscle bands ( platysma bands), resulting in a rejuvenated look that echoes youthfulness and definition. Dr. Delgado’s before-and-after photo gallery showcases these striking transformations his patients undergo—each image stands as powerful evidence of how life-altering this surgery can be.

Patient reviews reflect more than just cosmetic changes. They speak to an internal metamorphosis that mirrors their improved outer appearance after undergoing a neck lift. These effects are immediate and enduring—a lasting remedy for individuals who wish to eliminate surplus skin and fat from their neck area. Those considering the surgery draw inspiration from these stories depicted through pictures, which illustrate what one might anticipate regarding effectiveness and alignment with personal aesthetic goals when contemplating a direct neck lift.

Comparing Direct Neck Lift with Other Neck Rejuvenation Options

While there are non-invasive techniques available, these methods fail to deliver the significant skin tightening achieved by a surgical direct neck lift. Patients who select this procedure bypass the need for a full-fledged facelift, which is more invasive and costly. One must accept that opting for this method involves dealing with a visible scarring, attributable to its straightforward approach. Particularly adept at correcting signs of aging around key areas, such as the jawline, beneath the chin, and across the neckline—the direct neck lift technique proves itself a favored solution within facial rejuvenation strategies.

Dr. Delgado does not offer direst excision neck lifts to most of his patients due to the incision. However, this can be ideal for older patients or patients with a medical condition that limits the risk of surgery.

Preparing for Your Direct Neck Lift

Preparing for direct neck lift surgery

Preparing for direct neck lift surgery

 Dr. Delgado's patient after a facelift and neck lift.

Dr. Delgado’s patient after a facelift and neck lift.

Ensuring that you’re properly prepared is crucial for the success of your direct neck lift surgery. Dr. Delgado provides detailed instructions to ensure you’re well-prepared for what lies ahead. Key preparatory steps include:

  1. Collaborate with Dr. Delgado to adjust any current medications, steering clear of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements to decrease bleeding risks.
  2. Stop smoking considerably before your neck lift procedure to improve healing and minimize blood thinning effects.
  3. Curtail alcohol intake, which also helps minimize blood thinning.

Adhering to these guidelines will help prepare you adequately for direct neck lift surgery.

When it’s time for your operation, ensure a trouble-free start by arriving free of makeup, body lotions or adornments. Wear clothes that zip or button up instead of those that need to be removed over the head—this avoids disrupting the treated area post-surgery. Abstaining from food and beverages after midnight or a minimum eight hours prior is important in averting complications directly related to anesthesia during your neck lift surgery process. Dr. Delgado and the anesthesiologist will call you the night before to address these issues. Leading up to this day, maintaining good nutrition and consistent physical activity until this day.

Prepare at home by gathering essential items, such as towels, gauze, ice packs, thermometers, comfortable pillows used for elevation purposes. This can significantly facilitate controlled conducive recuperation environments following successful completion of direct neck lift surgery.


To summarize, opting for a direct neck lift can be transformative for those wishing to revitalize the look of their neck and bolster self-assurance. Under Dr. Delgado’s skilled guidance, patients are given a bespoke and secure route to obtaining a fresher neckline contour. The process is thorough from start to finish – careful surgical strategy and implementation through diligent aftercare lead to lasting outcomes that aim to augment both your comfort and contentment with the procedure. Armed with the necessary information and understanding furnished here, you’re prepared to proceed towards realizing your cosmetic aspirations with conviction and transparency.

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San Francisco is home to some of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world. One of the must-visit places is the Golden Gate Bridge, an engineering marvel that spans across the entrance of the San Francisco Bay. Take a leisurely stroll or rent a bike to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city skyline and the Pacific Ocean. Another popular spot is Alcatraz Island, known for its notorious former prison. Take a guided tour to learn about the fascinating history of this maximum-security facility, and enjoy stunning views of the city from its vantage point.

For art enthusiasts, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is a must-visit. With its extensive collection of contemporary and modern art, including works by renowned artists such as Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol, SFMOMA offers a captivating experience for art lovers. If you’re interested in history, explore the historic neighborhood of Fisherman’s Wharf. This lively area is known for its seafood restaurants, souvenir shops, and the famous Pier 39, where you can watch playful sea lions basking in the sun.

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When it comes to dining, San Francisco is a culinary melting pot, offering diverse cuisines to satisfy every palate. The city is famous for its seafood, especially its renowned Dungeness crab. Head to Fisherman’s Wharf or the Ferry Building Marketplace to savor the freshest seafood dishes. For a taste of authentic Chinatown cuisine, explore the vibrant streets of the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. From dim sum to Peking duck, you’ll find a plethora of mouthwatering dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Accommodation options for travel patients in San Francisco

San Francisco offers various accommodation options to cater to the needs of travel patients. Many hospitals and medical facilities have partnerships with nearby hotels, providing convenient accommodation options for patients and their families. These medical partner hotels often offer discounted rates and special amenities to ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay. Alternatively, you can stay in one of the city’s many boutique hotels or luxury resorts, which provide a luxurious retreat after a day of medical appointments or treatment.

If you prefer a more homely atmosphere, consider renting an apartment or a serviced apartment in San Francisco. This option allows you to have a fully equipped kitchen and more space to relax and recuperate during your medical journey. Additionally, staying in a residential neighborhood will give you a chance to experience the local culture and lifestyle of San Francisco.

Dr. Delgado welcomes you to his office.

Photo of San Francisco Magazine shows Dr. Delgado voted " Best of the Bay" for Best Plastic Surgeon.

Photo of San Francisco Magazine shows Dr. Delgado voted ” Best of the Bay” for Best Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Delgado offers consultations at two different offices. One office is conveniently situated near Union Square in San Francisco, specifically at 450 Sutter Street on the 24th floor. The second office is located in Novato, CA, in Marin County. Dr. Delgado has been providing his services to the San Francisco Bay area, Marin, Sonoma, and Napa County for more than three decades. To schedule an appointment, please call 415-898-4161 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the scars look like after a direct excision neck lift?

Following a neck lift, the resultant scars are typically hidden so well that they are nearly invisible unless one is specifically searching for them. This is due to their strategic placement within the natural contours of excess skin, which hides the hairline and facial creases.

Is the direct neck lift worth it?

Certainly, undergoing a direct neck lift can be considered worthwhile, because it revitalizes the neck area, enhancing attractiveness and imparting a youthful appearance. This procedure has been shown to yield positive outcomes, particularly in Beverly Hills.

What is the difference between a neck lift and a direct neck lift?

A key distinction between a direct neck lift and a standard neck lift is the location of incisions. In a regular neck lift, cuts are made around the ears, whereas a direct neck involves excising excess skin underneath and from the central part of the neck. This complex surgical technique is usually concealed by making incisions near the ears.

Who is a good candidate for a direct neck lift?

Someone who exhibits apparent aging signs in the neck area, such as excess skin, fat accumulation, or muscle banding, might be a good candidate for a direct neck lift. To qualify for this procedure, individuals should maintain good physical health and have realistic expectations of the outcome while abstaining from smoking.

What makes the direct neck lift different from other neck rejuvenation procedures?

The direct neck lift stands out among various neck rejuvenation techniques due to its ability to yield more enduring and significant outcomes. It offers a focused and economical approach, requiring less invasive surgery and reduced recovery time compared to other procedures aimed at enhancing the appearance of the neck.

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