How to Get the Proper Bra Size

Large breasted San Francisco Bay Area women who have struggled with getting a bra to fit properly need to be sure after their breast reduction surgery that they have bras that fit correctly to give their new breasts support.

It is believed that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Different brands and styles vary with their sizing, so you need to try on the bras.

Shopping For a New Bra

When shopping in Marin County for a new bra, it should fit snugly on the last hook so that as the bra stretches with age it can be adjusted. If you gain or lose weight, check to see if you need a new bra size. Cup size needs to be changed when the band size changes. Every band size you go down, you want to increase the cup size by one in order to keep the same cup capacity. Band size should remain the same unless you gain or lose weight. Cup size will change with breast reduction surgery.

To get your band size, take a measuring tape and wrap it around your rib cage right below your breasts. The method of adding 4 or 5 inches to the band size is from the 1930’s and does not work on modern bras.

To get the correct cup size there should not be any wrinkling of the fabric, it should be filled out. On the other hand, the cup should not have any spillage or “double boob” if so, the cup is too small.

For under-wire bras, the under-wire should not be resting on breast tissue, but on the ribs. If you have armpit rolls or back rolls, the band is probably too big and the cups too small.

A properly fitted bra should not have straps digging into your shoulders; the straps should provide only 10% of the support, and the band 90%.  If you find your bra strap riding up in back, you need a smaller band size.

Percentage of Women Who Don’t Wear Bras

According to Wikipedia, about 10% to 25% of women in Western cultures do not wear bras, and some reports show that wearing a bra does not prevent sagging breasts. Ultimately, it is up to the reduction mammoplasty patient to determine what is most comfortable for her.

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