What if I Lose Weight Before or After Breast Reduction?

San Francisco, California-Many patients are concerned about how weight loss either before or after breast reduction surgery will affect their breasts. The amount of breast tissue versus fat varies with every patient. For some weight loss will make a difference in their breast size and for others it may not change much.

There are pros and cons to each situation, and it would be wise to discuss this in detail with your surgeon at the time of your consultation and explain what has happened in the past when you have lost or gained weight and how it affected your breasts.

Pros Of Losing Weight Pre-Surgery

The pros of losing the weight before your surgery are; if you are able to maintain a stable, desirable weight you will achieve the best long term results and likelihood of secondary surgery is greatly reduced. The cons of losing weight prior to surgery may mean if you have lost enough breast tissue and fat you may no longer qualify for medical insurance coverage, and now it may be considered a cosmetic procedure.

Pros Of Losing Weight Post-Surgery

The pros of losing weight after surgery are, it is easier to do now that you can exercise without large bouncing breasts. Motivation increases as a better body image is emerging. The cons are a weight loss of 20 pounds or more can make a significant change in the breasts possibly requiring another surgery to address loose skin and loss of fullness.

Some women may decide to lose weight before surgery but then are never able to achieve their goal and are doomed to always have large breasts. Women that go ahead and have a breast reduction are among the most satisfied patients even if it may mean they will need another surgery in the future due to weight loss. Breast reduction surgery can be done more than once, so waiting to lose weight is not necessary.

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