Where will the Incisions be?

This is a very important question, and usually the biggest concern of women who are contemplating having breast reduction surgery. The placement of the incision will be dependent on the type of breast reduction done. 

The traditional breast reduction has what is referred to as the “inverted T” or “anchor” incision. Either the inferior pedicle technique or the free nipple technique would be done.  For the inferior pedicle technique, the nipple-areola complex remains attached allowing nipple sensation in most cases to be maintained. The woman with larger breasts may need the free nipple breast reduction procedure. This means the nipple-areola is completely removed and then reattached as a skin graft, losing all nipple sensation.

The “short scar” breast reduction is also known as the “lollipop” or “vertical” breast reduction has an incision that has the shape of a lollipop since it avoids the incision that goes across the breast crease. This is the most popular breast reduction procedure for women with moderate sized breasts.

For younger women with normal skin elasticity and minimal to moderate breast enlargement, breast reduction by liposuction may be an option. The small incisions for the cannula are hidden under the breast.

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