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After careful and extensive research I chose Dr. Delgado to be my surgeon. And I am glad I did. Dr. Delgado is an exacting and professional physician as well as being an extraordinary "sculptor" and artist.
Jolie K.
Dr Delgado is an extraordinary artist and surgeon! I am not his typical patient as I live in Hawaii and had to commute and also I am approaching 70 this year and decided to gift myself with a breast lift.
Sandi S.
If there were more than five stars to rate highly Dr. Delgado. I would. Everything about my facelift experience from the pre-surgical consultations, day of surgery and follow-up care could not have been fantastic. Dr. Delgado is not only a highly skilled surgeon but an artist, as well. Simply said, he is outstanding in every respect as is his professional staff.
Nina S
This has been a life changing experience for me! I absolutely love the results. Dr Delgado is an incredible doctor and his entire team is professional and kind. They went above & beyond for me several times. I couldn’t have higher recommendations for each team member I got to work with.
Deanna D.
Dr. Delgado is a wonderful surgeon and a gifted artist. He is a compassionate and empathetic listener. He took ample time to learn about me before working with me to plan for a successful surgery.
E L.
A+ Experience - 5 weeks since my surgery; the results are better than I had anticipated. I knew Dr. Delgado was the dr I would choose for my Gynecomastia surgery from our first call. To keep it short and simple, you won’t regret it.
Christopher J.
I have had a wonderful experience with Dr Delgato. I had a breast augmentation a few weeks ago and I am thrilled with my results!
Katie G.
Dr Delgado is an excellent surgeon. I went with everything he suggested and I couldn't be happier. Great staff too.
Sandy L.
Amazing experience! Perfect work, extremely professional, very happy. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about going to Dr Delgado. I was treated extremely well from beginning to end and have been astonished by the quick recovery and the look so far. I can't imagine anyone not loving their results. 20/10!!
Rosala G.
I wish I could give 10 stars. Dr Delgado and his staff gave me such incredible care from beginning to end. Dr Delgado answered all my questions in the pre-op visit and gave me a realistic view of what my recovery would be.
Elizabeth D.
Dr. Delgado is amazing he listened to my needs and what I expected and wanted and gave me just that couldn’t be any happier with the results, I highly recommend.
Jennifer B.
I was looking for the best doctor I could find to do my facelift. I never expected to find such a top doctor so close to home. Dr. Delgado exceeded my expectations with his recommendations on what he could do to achieve my aesthetic goals.
Janet S.
I am very happy I had my procedure done with Dr. Delgado and his team, the results are better then i expected, from the first consultation to the operation and aftercare I knew I was in good hands, he is very professional and thorough, dont waste your money, go to the best
I could not have asked for a better experience. Dr Delgado did fabulous work. I’m getting compliments every day. I am told by my friends and I think it looks very natural. I was nervous about looking surprised but it looks great. His staff is also excellent.
I had the best experience with Dr Delgado and his staff. I knew I was in the best hands with excellent care and experience. Dr Delgado is not only an artist, but an exceptional doctor and surgeon, who changed my life with a breast lift and tummy tuck. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking into a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Delgado and his staff are kind, genuine
V C.

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As I approached my 60th birthday I made the decision that I wanted to have a facelift, I wanted to look as young as I felt. This is a difficult decision because some results I have seen look so unnatural. I was afraid I might end up with a pulled look, like so many movie stars I have seen and they can afford to go to any surgeon! But I was referred by a friend who had her facelift done by Dr. D and she looked great. After my initial consultation, I knew I had found my surgeon! Dr. D spent a lot of time explaining what he recommended and how he would do it.
J. Louise
I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction to my flanks on March 12, 2009. I have no regrets and am looking forward to my new fully recovered body. I have been contemplating this procedure for a while and am very happy with my surgeon and his staff. I was tired of having all the extra skin in my stomach area and it seemed to only be getting worse with age even though I work out regularly and eat healthy. I still have a little swelling and am wearing my stomach wrap all the time. The first five days were the most difficult but I had a pain pump along with muscle relaxers and pain medicine that made the entire process much more bearable. Resting in bed I had no pain. The only minor pain was if I coughed or moved wrong. I had pretty intense back spasms for the first week but the more walking around the house I did the better it got. I went back to work on the 23rd of March and was moving very slowly that first week back but was pretty much standing up straight. I am now able to stand up straight, still a little tired and I am not working out yet but that will soon change. Definitely get more than one opinion when looking at surgeons, for sure use a board certified doctor and follow all instructions!
Heidi T
Because I needed to be proud of ME again. I am a great man and felt held back by this deformation of my body. Thanks Dr. D!!!!!! For those men considering gynecomastia surgery, I suggest they give it serious attention as a way of dealing with an important self image issue. It can be a great way to help one-self gain a sense of self confidence and improved well being possible only a major change brings. I know myself from my own experience that it does offer something that no other avenue can accomplish to this extent.
Dr. Delgado performed sclerotherapy on a varicose vein that I had on my ankle. It was not a good candidate for a successful injection, since it was so low on the leg, and already bulging up like a blueberry. However, I am delighted to report that the treatment was entirely successful. Although I was more concerned with results than I was with the possibility of pain with the injection, I was amazed that the injection was quick and completely painless. As a nurse with a laser hair removal practice (working under a different doctor’s supervision,) I refer my patients with confidence to Dr. Delgado for their plastic surgery needs.
Cindy D.

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