Facelift Scar Placement

July 27, 2018

Before and After Facelift Surgery

Well placed facelift scars should not be evident to anyone except maybe your hairdresser. Deciding to turn back the clock and rejuvenating your face and neck is a personal decision. The hallmark of an excellent cosmetic plastic surgeon is one who can give natural results without any apparent signs that anything has been done. Depending on the type of facelift will determine the placement of the incision.


The modern facelift is the most extensive but will last the longest. Generally, Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. places the incisions in the groove behind the ears and into the hairline. When done correctly, the scar is almost imperceptible once it has healed. However, for men, an entirely different technique is employed. Dr. Delgado takes into account the placement of tissue and facial muscles; he develops a customized plan for each patient. Of great importance is the male hairline. Incisions usually are placed in front of the ears, so that hair from the sideburns is not pulled into the ears. Recovery is a bit longer but well worth the final natural results.


With this surgery, the incisions are in front of the ears. The short scar lift incorporates lifting the deep tissues, repositioning them, and removing some excess skin. This procedure is ideal for younger patients that do not have a lot of sagging or for a touch-up procedure for previous facelift patients.


The mini-facelift is not a long-lasting lift; it involves tightening of the skin only. Depending on the elasticity and texture of the skin determines if a patient will benefit from this procedure. The mini-facelift may be a suitable procedure for patients in their late 30’s to early 50’s, but patients need to be evaluated individually. Incisions are generally hidden around the ear and often within the tragus.


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Dr. Miguel Delgado


Dr. Delgado, MD is a world-recognized plastic surgeon and specialist in the treatment of male breast enlargement, also called gynecomastia. He has developed new techniques and owns and operates gynecomastia.org, which has become the largest gynecomastia forum in the world. Dr. Delgado holds the two most coveted credentials; the certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

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